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ShopInvader is an ecommerce software to create and manage easily your online store with Odoo.
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                  ShopInvader is a new ecommerce solution with Odoo for all business.

Powerful opensource ecommerce solution

Build your webshop linked to Odoo with ShopInvader. ShopInvader is an ecommerce software that allows you to support your business growth on the internet and increase your online sales. Treat your online sales as you do usually with any other sales channels and integrated easily your webshop in your workflow.

Reliability, efficiency and scalability

ShopInvader is designed to helps you to manage your webshop and setting up your online sales strategies.
Fully enjoying the benefits and functions of an ERP on your webshop.
Reliability & scalability

Reliability & scalability

Created with modern and powerful web technologies. Build with strong basis to support an hightly traffic and provides the fastest service.



Don't spend more money to connect your shop with Odoo. Focus on your shop and your business with ShopInvader. Reduce cost and enjoy the ShopInvader experience.

For all business size

For all business size

Designed for all online business size. ShopInvader can support thousands of items references. Get a better customer experience with integrated search engine and faceting filters.

Fully integrated with Odoo, Shopinvader uses the power of ERP
                  to manage your customers, your products, your sales and your
                  invoices without expensive synchronization.

Odoo integrated

Fully integrated with Odoo, Shopinvader uses the power of ERP to manage your customers, your products, your sales and your invoices without expensive synchronization.

            Manage your catalog with Odoo thanks to ShopInvader.

Manage your shop with Odoo

Use Odoo as really powerful and efficient backend.
 Odoo offers many feature and has been greatly improved over years and versions.
Combine the best community modules to transform Odoo as one of the most efficient PIM (lite Product Informations Management):
  • products and categories management,
  • images management,
  • urls and redirections,
  • Search engine optimization (SEO),
  • multi languages support,
  • mass editing.

Built with an user friendly CMS

ShopInvader use LocomotiveCMS a user friendly editor to update easily website contents like texts, images or translations.
Thanks to LocomotiveCMS users can see changes immediately and update quickely his contents.

With its built-in CMS, Shopinvader offers the opportunities to manage content of your webshop in order to create a with rich-content and improve your SEO.


            Create your ShopInvader template only with HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

Made for merchants and developers

Create easily your frontend template with only HTML CSS and JavaScript.

Don't spend time to learn complicated algorithms or technologies, ShopInvader offer the opportunity to create easily and quickly a webshop template without complicated development.

Focus on your website design and improve your sale experience.

Shopinvader contains a built-in API to interact with ecommerce features. With simples HTML Forms you can access to ecommerce functionalities like add product to cart, process to checkout, create addresses and much more.

An integrated powerful search engine

ShopInvader uses Algolia services to store products and categories.

Deliver an exceptional sales experience with a powerful search engine and user friendly faceting filters on your products and categories.

Designed to support large databases, ShopInvader and Algolia can manage very large catalogs containing thousands of items references with high speed answer time.

            ShopInvader have a powerful search engine for your catalog.

In the box


Integrated search engine

Improve user experience with faceting filter and a powerful search engine.


Product information management

Manage your sell products informations directly from Odoo. Create specific fields on your product's data and provide technical specification to your customer.


Pay with credit card

Accept credit card payments everywhere with Adyen Solution



Payment with credit card

Shopinvader integrate credit card payment with stripe solution. Offer a full integrated solution to your customer to process to the checkout.


Free template

Fork on github

Free open source webshop template.


Made for web developper

Create your frontend template easily with only HTML CSS and JavaScript.


Connecting to a CDN

Enjoy a powerful site using a CDN to serve your images and videos.

Live editing

Edit your content on Locomotive CMS

Manage your text and images on a user friendly backoffice with live preview.

An Opensource experience

Locomotive Shopinvader

The ShopInvader environment to run your eshop.

Demo template

Open Source template free and created and supported by the community.

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